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What are the top most common coaching topics?

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In order to understand whether your topic can be addressed in a coaching session, we first need to explain what a standard session looks like and what you can expect from your coach. The main focus during the session is to find solutions rather than explore problems, which is why coaching is frequently associated with business environments, where it is seen as an agile tool to boost productivity. In our experience, however, this is just one of so many different ways in which it can be employed. The ‘stay away from the problem’ approach allows the coach to guide you towards a solution much faster than in other types of support or therapy. The absence of lengthy problem analysis and the use of tools rooted in Positive Psychology, Microanalysis, neuroscience, and therapy, allows both the coach and their clients to work swiftly and with great, measurable results.

The clients we work with usually work with us for 5 or 10 sessions depending on how many different areas or topics they want to address. But the duration of each path is 100% tailor-made following the individual needs of each Client

Our clients can choose to approach different topics and issues during their coaching project, stemming from both personal and professional areas of their lives. As Coaching focuses on what the Client brings to the session, we frequently talk about the Business-related issues:

  • Career Coaching & Personal Branding
  • Speaking more effectively in group settings (Public Speaking and Presentations)
  • Rediscovering passion and joy in work
  • Understanding and working through cultural differences
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication,
  • Negotiation
  • Being an effective supervisor (values, authenticism, talents, and effectiveness)
  • Organizing and getting started on a new project
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to accomplishing projects
  • Clarifying expectations between team members and with management
  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing a large project

But there are also many themes related to the Client’s personal life and their own search for happiness:

  • How to improve health and wellness in a way that actually works for me
  • Work and family reconciliation
  • Elimination of limiting beliefs and self-doubt
  • How to get more control over priorities and effective use of time
  • Dialogue with the Inner Critic (How to lower the critical voice in our heads)
  • The Elimination of Impostor Syndrome

In coaching the focus falls on strengths rather than weaknesses and we find positive and feasible ways forward. Our clients report feeling motivated and having more energy to tackle the challenges they approached in their sessions. With less doubt about their own performance, they find it easier to progress towards their goals.

What’s the First Question In A Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions always start with the question: What do we want to talk about today? There is no compulsory external starting point for a coaching journey, our reference is always what the mental focus of the Client is when they come to meet their Coach.

In the end, coaching is like sewing new mental ‘Outfits’ for our life, it is not necessary to start from a specific ‘mental outfit’. Instead, it is useful to start from what the Client may actually have immediate use for, due to their ‘Emotional Weather Conditions’ that day. This way, slowly, ‘new outfits’ are tailored for every thought, emotional state, problem, joy or source of sadness. And in this natural and organic way, we learn which elements, beliefs and fears are always found at the basis of each of our emotional states.

We find a new way to communicate with ourselves and that equips us to live our lives in a more serene and happy way.

What would you like talk about today if you had your coaching session?