Suzanne Pilch - Horizon Founder

Our Coaching Story

Anyone can earn a coaching certification but that does not mean they can coach. Coaching is a vocation; it is of those professions that is either part of a person’s essence or it is not. It is something that requires particular personality traits and those who possess these traits are those who become great coaches.

It is quite similar to teaching, from this point of view. We have all met good teachers, great teachers and, unfortunately, bad teachers. Some people simply have it in them, and some simply do not.

Suzanne and Ed have built a very successful language school together. They started together in a small office in Milan and over a couple of years built a large portfolio of clients, both private and corporate, most of whom are still active clients today. Today, this business is so successful, it is basically running itself.

One of the reasons for its success is how Suzanne and Ed built their relationships with their clients. From the very beginning, their focus was the client: listening to the client, understanding what the client is asking, understanding the client’s situation and guiding the client towards the best path towards success. This often meant not selling the client a ‘full’ course, but rather focusing on something smaller.

 It seems counter-productive: how can a business survive if it sells less rather than more?


By truly listening and understanding, Suzanne and Ed were able to establish real, functional goals for their clients. These clear and comprehensible goals motivated their clients making being successful easier than they could have ever imagined.

But it was not only this. Suzanne and Ed’s transparency and desire to help their clients succeed proved fundamental in building relationships of trust. Relationships where their clients knew that the people in front of them truly wanted to help them succeed. This trust, rapport and transparency is most likely why their clients really opened up to them allowing Suzanne and Ed to really understand and really help. Without even knowing it, Suzanne and Ed were already coaching.

It was after the umpteenth time hearing from clients that they should be counsellors or psychologists that Suzanne and Ed decided to investigate how to develop this unique approach and natural ability. It did not take long to decide on Coaching. Coaching marries so well with everything that Suzanne and Ed do, as well as with who they are and their approach to work and life. It was a very natural step in their careers.

Ed Tyrrell - Horizon founder

Indeed, during their course they quickly became the two points of reference in the classroom. Other coaching students wanted to work with them on every project and be involved with them in the various activities that were assigned by the professors.

To deal with this, the professors usually separated Suzanne and Ed to allow the other students to work with either one or the other. By the end of their first course, they were already performing at the next level.

Horizon Coaches

Now, armed with new knowledge, skills and knowhow, Suzanne and Ed officially started coaching their clients.

It started off with little things, like helping someone improve their confidence, or improve their decision-making process and went on to more complicated issues such as dealing with a difficult boss, or getting the courage to make a very big change. 

maintaining the same attitude they have always had, they have a whole new portfolio of clients all of whom are happily reaching their goals.
Although the profession is different, the approach remains the same.
Suzanne and Ed have coaching certifications, but more importantly, they ARE coaches.

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