What is a 360 review?

A 360 review solicits and shares comments regarding an employee’s performance, abilities, and contributions with the employee. It is called so because the feedback arrives literally from all possible directions, everyone who interacts with the employee whose performance is being analysed can be asked to provide their feedback.

Amongst the most frequently included are the employee’s manager, peer staff members, reporting staff members, and functional supervisors from the organization with whom the individual works.

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HR multilingual coaching

What happens if not all the people from whom the company wants to obtain feedback speak the same language? This is precisely the situation for which we created our Multilingual 360 Review.

Our coaches, bound to confidentiality by their Code of Ethics and the agreement with the Client company, can conduct the feedback sessions in all main European languages, elaborate the results and present them to the HR in the language the company desires.

All this work is conducted with utmost care, business acumen and following the requests, needs or guidelines established together with the sponsors (HR or Board of Directors)


We found the collaboration with the HR so frequent and common in our coaching practice that the creation of a bespoke coaching service to address the plurilingual feedback and performance reviews has been a natural and organic step for us and our team.

Outsourcing the 360 Reviews to a coaching team can improve the overall efficiency of the process as our coaches are trained in asking probing questions, exploring the areas of special interest in every conversation and making sure their interlocutors feel comfortable, safe and listened to.

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