Living Abroad Coaching

Where would you like our ‘Living Abroad Coaching’ to take you?

I want to live and work abroad, but… I do not know where to start!
I need to move abroad for work and I want my family to go with me, but… where to start?
My dream is to study abroad but… I don’t know where to start!

There is something you should know about every single member of our team. We all live and work in a country that is not the one where we grew up. For some of us, the list of countries we call home is really quite long and impressive.

The fear of having to move abroad is something all our coaches had to come to terms with personally – we are a team of expats and we learned how to build a home away from home, once, twice, three times.
Maybe this is the main reason why we decided to call ourselves Horizon Coaching?

We all know the mix of excitement (‘I’m moving abroad! I’m moving abroad!’) and sheer panic that ties our stomach in a knot at the thought of having to leave all that is familiar and explore the unknown.

New life abroad coaching

We help you to start a new life abroad

There may be many reasons for someone to move abroad: to work or to study, to join a partner or a family member, to change their lives and start again. In all these situations, the presence of a coach who can calm us, reassure us, guide us or empathise with our struggle is a true game changer.

Since our foundation, we have helped families start a new life in a different country, we have coached young people who wished to continue their studies abroad, and we have worked with determined professionals looking for career opportunities on the other side of the pond.

Horizon Coaching team are experts in internationalisation and cross-border careers. We frequently help individuals and their families prepare for their life in a foreign country.

We coach the family, design language learning paths for those family members who require them and assist the family members who will start their.

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