During our Life Coaching sessions we speak with clients who struggle with habits they cannot break, who want to discover a better way to manage their free time or who wish to interact better with their partners or with their children.

Life seems to have an unlimited supply of problems to challenge us with,
wouldn’t you agree?

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There are many things in our lives that we need to preserve, nourish and take care of, but very few are as necessary to our happiness as a healthy relationship with our loved ones and with ourselves.

Life Coaching
Life coaching sessions

What is Life Coaching?

It comes naturally to us, humans, to know when we are facing a problem. What is much less intuitive, though, is the definition of a problem itself.

Suzanne, one of the two founders of Horizon Coaching usually defines a problem as a realisation that there is a discrepancy between ‘What Is’ and what we believe ‘Should Be’ and we use this definition a lot during our Life Coaching sessions.

Improving one’s life through coaching means looking at any problem we perceive from a fresh, unexplored angle. And with the help of a coach, guided by their questions, we come to unexpected conclusions, we find the motivation to challenge our habits or to communicate with the people around us in a different way.


Life Coaching is also a great way to mend a broken relationship with someone who is important to us, a sibling, a spouse or a child.

Life coaching is the solution we found to help those who are unhappy with themselves, who need to find a new purpose or who hope to re-discover their passion and motivation.

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Any problem, any important life decision you feel you need more clarity on, any difficulty you have been dragging along for years – all these can be addressed in a life coaching session. You will discover how Solution Focused Approach can shorten the time needed to resolve, heal and move forward any of these topics.