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We want to support the leaders who need to face new challenges and constantly devise new solutions in order to build sustainable growth in their business. We invite both the leaders and the HR to contact us for Problem Interviews to understand how coaching can help achieve the change and performance they are seeking.

Moving to the position of a leader or a manager is a great achievement and – as such – should be celebrated. Once the thrill of a promotion fades, however, the reality becomes visible and – sometimes – painful.

Throughout our education we are helped to fit in different groups, to get along with others, to have a good relationship with our peers. This helps us at the initial stages of our professional career. However, the moment we need to manage people, we realise that the solutions, tools and resources we can count on are very limited.

Coaching leadership

We all know great leaders – either from our personal life or from the media. But how to become one? How can we get rid of our own ego and guide our team the way great leaders do? How to silence the inner voice of anger, of preference or of doubt? How not to be biased?

How to ensure that the team we are supposed to lead wants to follow us? Where to find inspiration for a team building activity? As we often say at Horizon Coaching: the answers may be hidden by our current horizon, now the only thing we need to do is learn to go beyond.

In collaboration with a coach, leaders learn to leave their personal insecurities behind and sharpen their listening and observation skills – so necessary in people management.
The benefits of this type of coaching are many but amongst the most important there are:

Leader coaching

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