Three obstacles that block our path

And how communication coaching can help us overcome them

So many of us find speaking in public uncomfortable and stressful. The main reasons usually are:

Let’s quickly explore these three obstacles that block our path towards the TED Conference stage and see how a coach can help us feel more confident when facing a presentation or an important speech.

Communication Coaching

Overcoming the Fear of Judgement Through Communication Coaching

When facing a crowd (of 5 or of 50, the numbers do not really matter), we feel that all our weaknesses are exposed, visible and thus – that our performance will be judged harshly.

A good coach should help us build a mindset which will shield us from this fear by reminding us of our successes in the past, by redirecting the thoughts towards the goals and the achievements and by showing us the path towards emotional independence, so important for a presenter or a speaker.

The Impostor Syndrome - I Am Not Prepared!

The Impostor Syndrome can be defined as doubting our abilities and feeling like a fraud. In preparation for a speech or a presentation, it can turn into a vortex with no way out – no matter how much we prepare, how hard we rehearse, how much research we do, we still feel insecure and unprepared.

Say no more – if we have just described how you feel before an important presentation, working with a coach can prove to be the quickest and most effective way to feel better.

Linguistic Issues

‘If I present in my first language, I feel confident, but presenting in my second language is a nightmare!’ – we heard this sentence so many times that we created a specific line of coaching only to help our clients address this issue with the help of our communication experts.

Through communication coaching a new, multilingual identity is created, replacing the feeling of limitation when using a second language for presentations or public speaking.


We work with our clients to help them build confidence in Public Speaking and communication, which require a great deal of emotional balance, independence and self-trust. We follow the clients in the discovery of their identity as speakers and communicators and we provide them with guidance and help to build rapport, establish trust and gain confidence of their audience faster and more sustainably

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