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In order to deliver our Career & Personal Branding Coaching, we analysed the recruiting processes of several trailblazing companies in different sectors, reviewed all the top most frequently asked interview questions and compiled lists of case studies, exercises, role plays and activities candidates may face on their path towards the job of their dreams.

The world of business spins faster and faster every year. The competition for the best positions can be ruthless and the path towards the dream job can prove to be thorny. After years of working with professionals in all sectors, coaching them towards their professional goals, we created and polished our Personal Branding service.

Career Personal Branding Coaching
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Do your best during your job interviews

We guide you through the application process in a way that empowers you to do your best during your job interviews. We work with you to ensure that your CV and your social media reflect who you are and clearly show what you bring to the table.

Thanks to more than 1000 hours of workshops conducted with young professionals in Italy over the last decade, we came up with a set of best practices for interview preparation, for truly irresistible cover letters and for the ways to showcase your strengths without ever losing your identity.

Career opportunity and Personal Branding

Our coaches work with you on your soft skills and guide you to express and demonstrate them fully even in the most unusual and uncomfortable recruiting process. We know what surprises can be waiting for you and we use all our experience and skills to prepare you for even the most bizarre questions and tasks.

For everybody who is looking for a new career opportunity or who wants to review their professional profile, we offer a monthly contract dedicated to Personal Branding and Career Coaching. The final result is a professional and complete LinkedIn Profile, international CV and a full preparation for job interviews in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Personal Branding

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