Horizon Coaching partners with privates and companies to help the client in the best and most tailored way.
Nobody knows the situation better than you, so we listen to you carefully and help you analyze where you want to grow with the progress and how you want to achieve it.

A tailor-made coaching program where we assist you and coach you and lead you towards the solution you find to be the most fitting one.

Business Coaching

Our business coaching contracts go from 2 sessions to a full year of coaching support and are open to both individuals, private clients, and companies (B2B).

Contact us today to define the contract that best fits your needs and we will partner with you to explore your full potential.

Life Coaching

Any problem, any important life decision you feel you need more clarity on, any difficulty you have been dragging along for years – all these can be addressed in a life coaching session.
You will discover how Solution Focused Approach can shorten the time needed to resolve, heal and move forward with any of these topics.

Communication Coaching

We work with our clients to help them build confidence in Public Speaking and communication, which require a great deal of emotional balance, independence, and self-trust. We follow the clients in the discovery of their identity as speakers and communicators and we provide them with guidance and help to build rapport, establish trust and gain the confidence of their audience faster and more sustainably.

Leaders: Learn to Go Beyond

We want to support the leaders who need to face new challenges and constantly devise new solutions in order to build sustainable growth in their business.

We invite both the leaders and the HR to contact us for Problem Interviews to understand how coaching can help achieve the change and performance they are seeking.

Multilingual 360 Review

Thanks to our multicultural and plurilingual background, we are experts in conducting 360 reviews for international companies.
We enable a group of coworkers and managers to provide feedback about a fellow employee’s performance using the language and cultural context they feel at home with, to then present the findings to the sponsors in the language the company requests.

Living Abroad Coaching

Horizon Coaching team are experts in internationalisation and cross-border careers. We frequently help individuals and their families prepare for their life in a foreign country.
We coach the family, design language learning paths for those family members who require them and assist the family members who will start their career abroad through life and career coaching sessions.

Career & Personal Branding Coaching

For everybody who is looking for a new career opportunity or who wants to review their professional profile, we offer a monthly contract dedicated to Personal Branding and Career Coaching. The final result is a professional and complete LinkedIn Profile, international CV, and full preparation for job interviews in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Bridging the Gap

Coaching can be the easiest and the most effective way to Bridge the Gap.
We are skilled experts in GAP Analysis: the process of assessing where you currently stand and where you want to be. We partner your team or your decision-makers in identifying the preferred or targeted state of business performance and comparing it with your company’s present state of performance.

Not sure where to start?